Weekly Mowing Service

We start all of our customers lawn mowing services on a bi-weekly mowing schedule in March, switch to a weekly rotation from April through October, and return all of our customers lawn mowing services to a bi-weekly basis from the beginning of November. We do not schedule recurring lawn mowing service from December through February, but we do have lawn mowing crews available year-round if you need an additional mow during the winter. We schedule your lawn mowing service for the same day each week or every other week, so that you will always know when our crews are coming to your property.

Our lawn mowing service includes:

» Mowing all of the grass areas
» Edging around the sidewalks, patio, alley, and driveway
» Line-trimming/weed-eating around the fence, beds, and trees
» Blowing all the clippings off of the paved areas

Lawn Mowing

While we offer lawn mowing on a weekly and bi-weekly basis, we strongly recommend weekly lawn mowing in order to keep your lawn looking its best. Weekly mowing ensures an even, clean cut, and optimizes the health of your lawn. Healthy lawns are more attractive, better able to withstand the stress of hot Pensacola summers, and naturally block out weeds. Our weekly mowing service starts at $47. We base our price on your lot size, and our average customer pays $47- $56 for weekly service.