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Lawn Irrigation

A home irrigation system can be a major investment, but it’s one that saves you time, money, and water. Here are some of the benefits of installing an irrigation system:

Increase Home’s Value – Your landscaping can constitute up to 20 percent of your home’s value. Make sure your lawn is green and plants are healthy.

Boost Watering Efficiency – A home irrigation system is much more efficient than manual watering, saving valuable time, energy, and water.

Prevent Diseases, Weeds, & Fungi – Avoid unsightly damage to your lawn like brown rings and dead patches.

Custom Irrigation System

Sprinkler System Preventive Maintenance

Irrigation system maintenance takes more than just turning off the water to the shut-off valve. You should have your irrigation system inspected by a technician at least once a year for optimal performance. A Preferred Lawn Care Professional can keep your system running efficiently while also repairing issues before becoming more extensive and more expensive to fix.

Seasonal Maintenance — Standard spring maintenance includes manually cycling through all your lawn sprinkler’s system zones to ensure that all zones are pressuring properly.

Check & Adjust Sprinkler Heads — We will check and adjust heads to ensure proper operation and install any new sprinkler heads, as needed.

System Efficiency — We check for leaks, coverage issues and ways to make your system more efficient.

Winterization — We can winterize your sprinkler system using the blow-out method to ensure no damage occurs from freezing water left during the winter months.

Updating Existing Irrigation System

Do you have an old, inefficient irrigation system? Your Professional at Preferred Lawn Care can turn your water-wasting irrigation system into a money saver. Here are some common upgrades:

Adding Pressure Regulated Heads Homeowners can save one gallon of water per minute by upgrading to pressure regulated heads – meaning a 30% reduction in water bills.

Adding & Adjusting Head Spacing This allows for even and thorough watering coverage without wasting water – saving between 10-30% of water usage.

Installing Additional Pipe & Heads This may be the best solution for a poorly-designed system that is not delivering water to the areas you need.

Sprinkler System Repairs

Sprinkler System Repairs

If you notice a leak, damaged sprinkler head, low pressure, or malfunctioning controls, contact Preferred Lawn Care today. Our trained irrigation technicians will be able to diagnose the problem, identify the best solution, and make the necessary repairs so that your irrigation system gets back to normal operation.

We provide custom estimates that are based off of your particular needs. Please contact us for a estimate.